Just an update

Had my doctors appointment on the 20th. This is the new one. He is an OBGYN specialist and more of a surgeon than a baby catcher. The visit went well. But was kind of rushed, making me go blank with questions and answers. I brought my labs from Feb and my lap papers. He was able to access the hospitals files from my surgery and was able to learn a lot. We talked about my symptoms for a bit, again rushed, which made me forget all I wanted to say. He doesn’t think i have endometriosis but a rare blood disorder, Von Willebrand Disease. Basically the clotting protein in your blood doesn’t work, causing you to bleed too much. Get brusies. And have nose bleeds. There are three types of vwd and apparently 1% of people have it. Then there’s an even more rare form where people just get it one day which would be my case. I don’t relate to this condition at all. And it doesn’t explain all the pains and symptoms I have every day… So I’m waiting on lab work to see how my vw protein levels are. The Dr. Said I really needed to get a pap because I never had one. So I had a pap. That was quick and painless. Then I have another appointment next Monday to get an ultrasound. The Dr. Wants to see how everything looks since surgery and see if anything else looks odd. He finds it really strange I haven’t been responding to any treatments. Its been a year now going through this. I never get answers just more bad news… My hair is also falling out. This has never been a problem,  now I clean my brush every time I use it. My first thought… Cancer of course. This has me more stressed than anything. I’m just telling myself calm down it could be anything. Anemia can cause hair loss so maybe that’s it. The Dr. Also adjusted my dosage. I may not be allergic to norethindrone. He says I’m taking double/triple the proper dosage and was shocked my previous Dr told me to take that many mg. My body is adjusting to the lower dose rather well. Fingers crossed. Soo next appointment ill have blood results, pap results, and my ultrasound at 145 then I see the doctor at 230 where we will discuss everything and come up with a treatment plan. My nerves are gone and there still a week left of waiting. So many test results and so much waiting.

What’s your favorite YouTube channel?

What’s your favorite YouTube channel?
Kelly Patricia has some very inspiring videos that I loved. She has a lot of health problems yet in her videos I feel encouraged and not alone. Only problem is I’ve watched them all haha. I’m somewhat of a YouTube junkie and need new channels to follow. Any suggestions??


Norethindrone/aygestin update

When i started taking norethindrone I also started taking iron. After a few weeks I started to break out on my neck and chest immediately after taking iron. I figured I wasn’t anemic anymore and my body was telling me I was taking too much iron… So I stopped taking iron. I was still breaking out and then I thought it was the cheap jewelry i was wearing. I had just started a new job and wanted to look nice even though jewelry breaks me out. So I stopped wearing necklaces. I was still breaking out… I’ve been dealing with so much family drama, pain and exhaustion that I kinda put it last on my list. I have a drs appt on the 20th with a new obgyn specialist. He deals primarly with endometriosis and similar conditions. So I’ve been taking pics of these break outs so he can see. After cutting everything out of my diet I think I have a mild allegry to norethindrone!! This med does more good than bad. I hope its not causing the break outs.

The two pics on the top right .. those spots are blood spots under the skin. Definitely interested to hear the doctors opinion on everything.


It’s time I stop running

Something I’m relearning….

If someone wants to talk to you, they will find a way to talk to you. If someone wants to see you, they will find a way to see you. Simple as that. So stop chasing people… I need to stop chasing people and let them go. There are some that will keep you running as long as you allow it… And Its time I stop running.

I got into it with my family. They truly don’t understand how tired and sick I feel. They blame me for everything that’s wrong. It ended really bad. I couldn’t take them anymore. So I packed some things and left.

I didn’t know where to go. I ended up pulling over to the only restaurant/bar with a lit parking lot. It was Saturday night. You could see people my age coming and going, laughing and hanging out. I couldn’t stop crying. Why couldn’t that be me? Why is there always something going on in my life.
?! I’m not sure if it was sitting in my car so long, stress, or not having a heating pad but I was in major pain. I was afraid to take any pain killers. I wanted to be fully alert. I tried thinking again where can I go? I couldn’t think of one person to call and that’s when I really lost it. I knew I had no one but when you’re in a situation and have not a soul to call it really hits you. I thought what is the point of life? Why bother? I have no friends. No real career. Im always in pain. Who knows if I can have kids. My ex is disappearing on me again. My car is messing up. So many bills. My family is just sksbhsjdbd. What if I need surgery again? What if I’m really sick? I wanted to stop it all then. But I couldn’t do it. So I sat there and just cried.

My mom convinced me to come home. She said she would help me find a place to stay. That hasn’t happened yet.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. My life has no hope. I used to think maybe tomorrow will be better but really it always gets worse. I just keep praying and hoping something will change for the better. If you’re Christian too please pray for me because idk what to do.

Working from home

I’ve been looking to work from home. Something physically minimal. Here’s what I came up with…

1. Technical writing
2. Catering or baking company
3. Customer service rep
4. Answering service company

Technical writing takes some education. But you make good money. May have to travel occasionally. My mom does technical writing and I’m trying to get her to show me how its done.

Food business could work. But I’m not really into the idea…

Customer service rep. I couldn’t find any job openings…

I really loved the idea of having my own answering service. It doesn’t take much money to start up and you don’t need a lot of equipment. However you have to be available to answer the phone, possibly 24/7. Which I can’t since I have a weird work schedule. But I figured if I ever get fired for taking time off due to medical reasons I could give this a try. Then once I get enough business I could hire another person. If all goes well I could have my own rising company. You work from home. Don’t need a lot of money to start. Doesn’t take an education just good customer service πŸ˜€

Does anyone here work from home? If so what do you do?

God made sweet old ladies

Working in retail I talk with people everyday. Some just want to see what’s going on, some are there for retail therapy. Usually I’m the one helping but today a customer helped me. She’s this sweet old lady that always has something good to say about everything. I spent about 20mins helping her pick out an outfit for her daughter. At check out she was ridiculously grateful and couldn’t stop thanking me for my help! Its my job to help but customers never say thank you. Afterwards she gave me the biggest hug and told me how beautiful I was. I about cried my eyes out right there!! I don’t remember what all I said but when she left I ran to a corner and tried to pull myself together. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a hug let alone a real genuine hug. Like when people ask how you’re doing out of formality vs. Them truly caring about your well being. It was so genuine. So to that sweet lady who stopped by today, thank you so much for brightening my day ❀

Blog award from KaboodleMum <3


KaboodleMum thank you so much for the award!!
Im so touched you find my blog real neat πŸ˜€ !! It means so much ❀ ❀ ❀

Here are my answers to your questions πŸ™‚

1. If you were to go for a walk would you prefer the countryside or the beach?
Since I live in the country I will go with beach πŸ™‚
2. Who’s your favourite character from a book or movie? Danielle in ever after. That girl had will to keep moving no matter what life threw her way.
3. Cats or Dogs? Dogs ❀ for sure!
4. Whats the one bit of make-up you can’t live without? I can leave the house without eyeliner and all that stuff. But I cannot go anywhere without foundation on.
5. Whats the one thing that annoys you more than anything else possibly could? Liars, cannot stand them!
6. Snog, marry, avoid – LOKI, THOR and IRON MAN. Go! Iron man, Thor <3, Loki.
7. You have the chance to Live in a Reality that is the reality from your favourite book or movie BUT your favourite character hates you… Would you still go? No way! My favorite characters are the sweet guys and I'm always the character that gets them haha.

Donation letter, rough draft #1

Here is my first rough draft. I would love your comments on what I should change or add. please be honest I want this letter to be the best it can be!

I changed my mind about my Dr πŸ˜› I’d like to go to cec in Atlanta. More on that in another post lol.
Dear —–

My name is Ray and I am 23 years old. I’m reaching out to *name of place* in hopes of raising money for much needed surgery.

After being laid off nearly a year Ive recently been hired working part time.Though I’m thankful for my job it does not cover my bills. In August 2014 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS). And in October 2014 had surgery to remove a large possibly cancerous cyst. The surgery cost over $2,000 which I’m currently paying on. In addition to PCOS I believe I have Endometriosis. Endometriosis is –find good definition–. Surgery is the only way to diagnose and remove endometriosis. Some common symptoms are pain, fatigue, infertility, and fusion of organs. Without surgery the disease will get worse. This illness causes me severe daily pain. Other symptoms also effect my work performance. I need a second job but struggle functioning with just my part time job.

There are very few endometriosis specialists in America. Center for Endometriosis Care, being the closest in Atlanta Georgia.

Possibly put breakdown of costs?
Surgery cost $——
Blood work $—–
Hotel $—

Any amount donated is appreciated. Without financial help I don’t know when I will be able to have this surgery as I am still paying on other medical bills and previous surgery.

Thank you for your time,
My name and contact info.

Possibly have a separate page on endometriosis and pcos facts.

Maybe add my picture?